This post covers everything relevant to Logan as far as the localization is concerned. It is based on a series of reddit posts from July 2018. Quotes include the official English script, my translation, and the official Japanese script in that order.

Urban Metropolis

Hat worn by proper sorcerers who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

The majority take pride in having studied at the academy and look down on breaking the formal dress code established for sorcerers.

Hat of formal sorcerers who learned at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy.

Many of them have pride in their academy studies and they wouldn’t like to change their sorcerer uniform.



Basically, they are nerds who will gladly wear their uniforms outside school, an actual fading practice in Japanese schools. You are not just representing you but your school and so must always behave in a way honoring the latter. If you have pride in your academic life, don’t besmirch it.

Sorcery catalyst used by sorcerers of Vinheim Dragon School. Equip catalyst to use sorceries.

Attune sorceries from a scroll at a bonfire. Most sorceries have a limited no. of uses.

Staff possessed by Dragon Academy Vinheim sorcerers. Becomes a catalyst to use sorceries.

In order to use sorceries, it is required to equip a staff and memorize sorceries from spell texts at a bonfire. Also, most sorceries have a limited number of uses.



Like other forms of magic, we are expected to memorize texts, how to perform the actual spells in this case. All of these “catalysts” are in fact staves, though they were only translated as such in Dark Souls II.

A special ring granted to only the most accomplished sorcerers at Vinheim Dragon School.

The ring is engraved with an everlasting dragon, and boosts the strength of sorceries.

Special ring given to especially excellent sorcerers at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy.

Its sign is made in the shape of the unperishing archdragon, and the Roaring Dragonsign Ring boosts the might of sorceries.



The school’s name and icons hold up the archdragons, which include Seath among their number. What the white dragon lacked in everlasting scales, he made up for in sorcery. And since he founded sorcery, this means that in a broader sense the archdragons invented it.

Sorcery which improves upon Soul Arrow. Fire strong soul arrow.

At the Vinheim Dragon School, the acquisition of this spell marks an apprentice’s coronation as a sorcerer.

Sorcery superior to “Soul Arrow”. Fires a mightier soul arrow.

Only after learning this sorcery is one deemed to be a full-fledged sorcerer at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy.



Learning this spell is your minimum to being classified as a sorcerer at the school. So what are you if not a proper sorcerer? Just an apprentice, or…

Sorcery for casters who wield swords. Magic augmentation: right weapon.

The power of the magic swordsmen of Vinheim is predicated upon this and Magic Shield. Many warriors learn sorcery just for this.

Sorcery for sorcerers who have studied fencing. Magically enhances right-hand weapon.

This sorcery and “Magic Shield” sustains the strength of Vinheim’s magic swordsmen, and many warriors even learn sorcery just for the sake of these.



Well, some are just plain warriors who learn some sorcery to improve their swordplay, and it is apparently what gives Vinheim its unique edge against swordsmen of other countries. And the academy is apparently happy to oblige them:

Sorcery which improves upon Magic Weapon. High magic augmentation: right weapon. At Vinheim Dragon School, only magic swordsmen on special orders are allowed to learn this spell which grants powerful augmentation to various weapons.

Sorcery superior to “Magic Weapon”. Greatly magically enhances right-hand weapon.

It is taught only to magic swordsmen who were entrusted with a mission even at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy in order to give great might to every weapon.



The academy is a sorcery school and yet it has some advanced sorceries for the swordsman they trust to fulfill a mission, whatever it is.

Sorcery? Don’t ask me how it actually works. We only fiddle and forge, until it works itself in. That’s how we do it in Vinheim, at least. We prefer to leave the theorizing to those uppity scholars.

Sorcery? I don’t know anything about it. It’s something we accept and make into our craft. Vinheim craftsmen all do just that. Rationalizing it is at them scholars’ discretion.


There were also mage smiths who just learn how to work it without really getting the principles behind. His particular pluralization suffix for the “scholars” suggests that they are of higher status than him, so there is subtle sarcasm there:

Hat worn by proper mage smiths who studied at Vinheim Dragon School. Mage smiths learn their craft alongside sorcerers, but apply their sorcery to forging weapons with magic embers.

Hat of formal sorcery smiths who learned at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy. Sorcery smiths are sibling pupils of sorcerers and magically forge weapons with magic embers.



Kyoudaideshi, probably best known in English as “sibling disciples”, refers to parties that all learn from the same teacher or school of thought. But there is apparently a class divide between the lay smiths and the scholarly elite at the academy, one of which we are quite familiar with.

Just A Researcher?

Old Big Hat? Of course I’ve heard of him. Who hasn’t in Vinheim? He was a royal member of Dragon School, until he turned Undead. I hear he was quite the character… Only, that was a hundred years ago. What interest have you in the old eccentric now?

Big Hat? Oh, I know him. Because he’s a famous legend even in Vinheim. I hear he was an outside relative of the Dragon Academy but became Undead or something like that. Apparently, he was an interesting old man, but… well, that’s a story of over 100 years ago. Interested in the strange one, are you?


Gaiseki literally refers to an outside relation, but typically refers to someone who is related to the King or Emperor via a woman of the family like the Queen Dowager or Princess Consort. The implication is that Logan married or is related to royalty, not that he cares to mention his personal life. And he died about a century ago, which matches up with other characters’ dialogue.

Robe worn by Big Hat Logan. It is said to have been from his apprentice days at Dragon School, but it is so worn out, no one knows what it originally looked like.

Logan, who cared little for his appearance, no doubt ever bothered to change out of it.

Robe of “Big Hat” Logan. It looks like the Dragon Academy robe of long before, but it is worn out and the prototype is no longer known.

Because it is the clothing of the indifferent Logan, or rather, because it is troublesome to take off, he has probably worn it all this time.



This is the “robe of a sage” or “wise man”. (賢者のローブ) He is wearing the original academy uniform, the “first model” that has become outdated since he graduated from the school. Logan can’t be bothered to take it off, but it shows that the school isn’t that much older than Logan himself.

Have you spoken to Master Logan? He is an accomplished scholar. The arts of sorcery would never have come this far without his contributions. And he has the nerve to go risking life and limb! What a stubborn old fellow. Hah hah hah hah!

Have you already spoken with Master? Master is a great person. Sorcery’s progress without him is unthinkable. Even though it is because he is without any concern for others and unreasonable. Honestly, he is a troubling man. Hahahaha.


While great is just a really general term here, it likely means “impressive” in this case, since Griggs is actually acknowledging how problematic Logan’s character is. It is not that Logan is risking his life despite how crucial his mind is. He is laughing at how the old coot is a pain in the butt to deal with despite being such an ingenious pioneer for Vinheim:

Catalyst of Big Hat Logan, the great sorcerer and seeker of knowledge.

Originally the same catalyst employed by the Vinheim sorcerers, only terribly strengthened over time due to Logan’s use. Very powerful when used by one of superior intelligence.

Staff of “Big Hat” Logan who is the great seeker of sorceries.

The lumber quality is the same as the sorcery staves of Vinheim, but it has been tempered due to its long-term use by Logan and draws out high might if used by someone with excellent intelligence.



The intelligence stat is more literally “reason power”, our ability to reason with logic versus, say, our conviction in something regardless of evidence, like faith. Logan’s reasoning ability was apparently very high and extremely conducive to his research, resulting in a regular staff growing its capacity to channel more power because Logan pushed its limits for such a long time. And it shows.

Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan. Fire homing soulmass.

Life originates in the soul; no wonder the soulmass draws toward it. This sorcery is a window into seeker Logan’s methods.

Personal sorcery of “Big Hat” Logan. Fires soul masses of a high pursuing nature.

If the soul is the source of life, then being captivated by life would, if anything, be natural. A sorcery where part of Logan as a seeker is seen.



Life is attracted to fire, Disparity, and therefore other life, and Logan has investigated this phenomena and formulated this spell based on that fundamental principle to the universe.

Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan. Fire piercing soul spear.

A symbol of Logan’s strength, the soul spear is referenced repeatedly in the legends, and is said to be on par with Lord Gwyn’s lightning.

Personal sorcery of “Big Hat” Logan. Fires piercing soul spear.

An exemplary sorcery that symbolizes Logan’s strength in battle and frequently appears even in legends of him. Its might is compared to King Gwyn’s lightning.



The implication is that Logan was in fights where he used this spear and these fights were famous enough to become legends for our two century-old sage. The Way of White simplified anti-magic miracles so that even their basic warriors could use them due to certain circumstances.

The only circumstance meriting this kind of response is the church mobilizing against a sizable army of sorcerers. And Logan just so happens to know Magic Weapon and Magic Shield when he doesn’t carry such arms, at least currently. And he is named alongside other contemporary warriors of legend. The reason isn’t hard to surmise:

Have you tried using one of Logan’s sorceries yet? Exhilarating, is it not? As he sees it, there are no gods, no transcendence, only truth, and Logan wishes to elucidate it. It is this heretical methodology that has allowed Logan to advance sorcery to the point that he has. In a word, he is a hero. Despite the awful rumors. Time will tell, the annals of history will prove dispassionate.

Have you personally experienced Master’s sorceries? Magnificent, aren’t they! There are no gods, no mysteries in the world. There is truth, and only knowledge reveals it… Master pushed sorcery to there because of that sort of heretical methodology. He is a hero. There are many who deprecate him, but I think he is one, and history too will recognize it.


Mystery is literally a “god secret” and is generally used to describe the mysterious power of dragons or Velka. If nothing else, this meaning is relevant to Logan’s disregard of the gods’ will for what is divulged to human knowledge. There is nothing that only god knows, just what we haven’t realized for ourselves, basically.

Of course, this would be completely heretical thinking to Lloyd and the Way of White. While Vinheim and Thorolund clearly both survived the resulting conflict, Griggs indicates that Logan ended up being sidelined as an extremist despite his unambiguous successes.

But hey, he has an apprentice who loves him… who he doesn’t ever mention. Weird…

Just a Coincidence

Ah, yes. The note that Master Logan left. It only said he’d travel to Anor Londo by ways of Sen’s Fortress. I can only guess he seeks the Regal Archives. For Master Logan is a tireless pursuer of wisdom. Wisdom trumps all. Everything else is hogwash. When the curse turned him undead, I’m certain he only felt it was the perfect chance to visit this land. I only wish I had his courage.

Oh, the story about the note Logan left? It just said that he would aim for Anor Londo from Sen’s Old Fortress. Since it is said that the Gods’ Archives is in Anor Londo, his aim is probably there. Master is a bundle of the spirit of inquiry. Knowledge is given priority above all else, and he doesn’t show interest in anything else. Even being cursed, becoming an Undead, and coming to this land was surely his longtime dream… It is regrettable, but it isn’t something I can imitate.


Basically, Logan was so knowledge-hungry that he hoped that he would turn Undead so he could be booted to Lordran where he could continue pursuing research into sorcery at the library of the gods. Lucky him, he did. As did his apprentice. What are the odds? But wait…

How come Griggs was in this shady part of town, locked inside a storage room with nothing but a corpse of a sorcerer conveniently hidden in a barrel at the back behind many more barrels, huh? He even knows the method!

Somebody! Please, let me out of here! Somebody, anybody! Help me! Unlock the door!…Damn…… I’m finished… How did this ever happen…

Someone! Get me out of here! Someone’s there, isn’t there! Save me! Open it with the key!… Damn… There isn’t anyone, is there? How did such a thing…


Brilliant! You opened the door for me! Thank you; I’m am saved. I thought I might never escape. I am Griggs of Vinheim. A sorcerer of the school. I am much obliged for your assistance. Thanks to you, I may now resume my travels.

Oh, you really opened that door! Thank you, you saved me. I was imprisoned and troubled. I am Griggs of Vinheim. A sorcerer of the academy. I am grateful to you. It appears that, with this, I will be able to continue my journey.


He explicitly claims that he was locked up there with a key. Someone from the outside kept him in. Pretty weird reaction to a sorcerer who just happened to be in a storage room with a dead body…

And it still doesn’t explain why he didn’t head to the fortress, where he supposedly knew Logan had gone. What about good ol’ Crestfallen?

How did that silly sorcerer’s apprentice end up? You know, the one always prattling on about Master Logan. He left for the Undead Burg, but never came back. Serves him right. If even Old Big Hat can’t make it out there, what chance does he have? I hope he enjoys his new life as a Hollow.

Come to think of it, what happened to him? There was a sorcery-bastard who said he’s chasing after “Big Hat” or something… but he headed for the Undead Town and never returned. A fool, no? It’s different when it’s the “Big Hat”, but what can the likes of us do…? At any rate, he’s sure to have become a Hollow somewhere…


Still a jerk. But he has never seen Logan before we rescue him, so Griggs and Logan were already separate by the time they each reached Firelink Shrine, with our warrior here arriving sometime between them. He doesn’t even confirm that he is an “apprentice”, so there is no one corroborating Griggs’ story. We have only his account of things:

Oh, hello. I am fine. I will rest a while, then return to Firelink Shrine. I have my sorcery. And I will be more cautious next time. Besides, I have an important task at hand.

Oh, it is you. If it is about me, I am all right. I am taking a short rest and plan to return to the ritual place. I have my sorcery, too. I won’t blunder next time. I also have an important mission.


He is confident that he can handle a fight, so he wasn’t forced in that room. And he mentions a mission. We ourselves are on an Undead mission, as are many others we encounter, but it is oftentimes different from the one we undertake.

However, Logan’s supposed note claimed that he went off to Sen’s Fortress, not Lower Undead Burg. Even if Griggs’ mission is searching for Logan, and it is just him acting on his pride as he himself later admits, is he really who he says he is?

Hat worn by the secret sorcerers at Vinheim Dragon School.

They secretly work with sound-based spells, and never reveal themselves.

Hat of sorcerers of the underbelly who exist in secret at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy.

They manipulate sound sorceries as spies and never show themselves.



I translate ura as “underbelly”, but the term refers to the other side of anything that is hidden from view, appropriate for spies who lurk behind the scenes engaging in seedy work.

Sorcery used by playful sorcerers. Lure enemies away by creating a sound originating in the distance.

This spell is not the first choice for serious sorcerers, but it has a surprising amount of applications, some of them extremely effective.

Sorcery playfully used by some sorcerers. Makes a sound at a distant place and attracts enemy attention.

It is not a thing that official sorcerers learn, but an effect which manipulates sound has wide applications. It demonstrates great effect depending on the user.



The spell he teaches isn’t something that is part of the official curriculum, either. And it’s not hard to figure out who these “some” are…

Sorcery developed by a certain surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School. Masks all noises of caster.

Effectively, Vinheim is controlled by the Dragon School, and it is no wonder that the town has its share of dark secrets.

Sorcerery of sorcerers of the underbelly who exist in secret at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy. Erases all sound made by the caster.

The Dragon Academy is the real ruler of Vinheim and its dark side is rather a matter of course.



It is not the royalty but the academy that controls things around this urban state and so naturally it has a dark underbelly to apply that authority from the shadows.

Sorcery developed by a certain surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School. Reduce damage and noise from fall.

This sorcery, along with Hush, explains the extravagant cost of hiring Vinheim spooks.

Sorcery of sorcerers of the underbelly who exist in secret at Vinheim’s Dragon Academy. Reduces fall damage and suppresses fall sound.

Because this sorcery and “Soundless” exist, Vinheim spies do business at a high price.



They’re well paid for their job too, so it’s no accident he has all their items and wears their uniform.

Griggs’ appears to genuinely adore Logan, have insecurities about his personal ability, and feel grateful for us rescuing him. He is also hiding his shady profession, which brought him to an equally shady district where someone felt the need to lock him in with a student’s body which has been hidden away by the time we arrive. He arrived here after his supposed master and others already came by. Nothing he says about Logan or knows how to cast is particularly unique to a disciple of the sage, and the master in question doesn’t even mention having an apprentice… but maybe it is just a coincidence.

Religion of Reason

The tomes stored in these archives are truly magnificent! A great pool of knowledge, the fruits of superior wisdom and an unquenchable desire for truth. Some would say Seath had an unsound fixation …But his work is a beautiful, invaluable resource. All progress demands sacrifice. And I certainly bear no antipathy for that wonderful scaleless beast.

But, the book collection of these archives is truly magnificent. The accumulation of superior wisdom and a sincere spirit of inquiry, crystallized as knowledge. It certainly might be the result of Seath’s deep-seated delusions… but even so, I’m quite happy for it, value it even. Progress sometimes wants sacrifice. I for one idolize that white dragon and can bear him no ill will…


Logan admires Seath. The dragon thinks like him, even sharing his spirit of inquiry, (literally “research heart”) so he can’t possibly think ill of him for being off his rocker. And what an off-rocker it is. Moushuu is, in a word, obsession. When one has an unshakable conviction for something on a more than shakable basis. Seath’s obsessive delusion was the tireless belief that he could obtain his desired scales through sorcery and crystals despite endless failures. And Logan? Well…

Sorcery boosted by the knowledge Logan acquired at the Regal Archives. High magic + crystallization: right weapon.

Logan’s trials were successful, and the crystal medium facilitated a stronger bond between weapon and soul.

Sorcery which was enhanced by Logan due to the great knowledge he acquired at the Gods’ Archives. Greatly crystal-magically enhances right-hand weapon.

The experiment to more strongly bind soul and weapon through crystallization was successful and became Logan’s new guide.



It is Logan’s first (successful) test for enhancing things with crystals, becoming the principle guiding his future sorcery developments. It is all in the spirit of research now, but…

Sorcery boosted by the knowledge, Logan acquired at the Regal Archives. Fire piercing crystal soul spear.

These pale magic spears, sharpened through crystallization. are on par with the armaments of the ancient lords.

Sorcery which was enhanced by Logan due to the great knowledge he acquired at the Gods’ Archives. Fires soul crystal spear that pierces.

The power of the spear of pale magic that’s sharpness increased by means of crystallization is comparable to the weapons of the kings of before.



Pale as in bluish-white. We now see a progression from when his fabled spear was just compared to a Lord to when it is actually comparable to one. If the original soul spear wasn’t truly on-par with Gwyn’s lightning, this one probably is. And the comparison to divinity is no accident:

Catalyst imbued in terrifying crystal magic. Used by Logan after his fixation on Seath.

Makes all sorceries incredibly powerful, but demands extremely high intelligence from its wielder, and halves sorcery usages.

Sacred staff of Logan who was consumed by Seath’s deep-seated delusions. Catalyst tinged with the terrifying magic power of crystals.

Brings tremendous might to all sorceries but demands extremely high intelligence of the user and also halves the number of uses for sorceries.



No, this isn’t a literal staff made of tin, per se. It just doesn’t sound very English-y to call it a Buddhist monk staff or Khakkhara. All of these so-called “tin catalysts” are just shakujou denoting a religious staff, not just a sorcery staff. Logan has made Seath his religion:

Sorcery developed by Logan during his infatuation with Seath the Scaleless. Emit crystal breath of Seath the Scaleless.

Although it no longer causes curses, what madness caused old Big Hat to appropriate this frightful power of the ancient dragons?

Sorcery of Logan who was consumed by Seath’s deep-seated delusions. Fires the crystal breath of the white dragon Seath.

Although the terrifying death by curse effect is already lost, wasn’t making the art of the god-like archdragon his own what “Big Hat” sought?



Seath is likened to a god, in more ways than one, and Logan has become possessed by the same specter of mistakenly-held obsession that deluded Seath. As Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki states in the Dark Souls: Design Works interview, Logan’s worship didn’t come with the desire to lose his humanity like the other dragon worshipers we encounter. Surely a man so married to reason would be only more reasonable…

…Who are you…… Stay clear… stay clear of my work…… Curses upon you!… How dare you disturb me!

… Who…… My research… disturbances aren’t permitted…… Not permitted…… Don’t disturb me!


… Aaaand he snapped.

Bye-bye Logan. You proved to be what you thought you discarded.