As we approach Irithyll Dungeon, we are invaded by a familiar face, or rather name: Alva. Although never seen in person during the events of Dark Souls II, (DS2) there is no mistaking his iconic set of armor. Both protective and lightweight, it was perfect equipment for the man whom bards still extol as the […]


Catarina is the same as it has always been. It is a country characterized by its jolly disposition, the yang to Carim’s yin. The people’s big, wide-eyed smiles are matched by a hearty laugh cheering as they down a tankard of alcohol. They are straightforward and honest, never hiding their anger. After all, the honorable […]


The tale of Alva is a true romance in every sense. Wearing lightweight yet highly protective armor, the knight was suited to wandering the lands. As to which country he hailed from, however, it may be one of the many that rose and fell on Drangleic during the land’s long history. Maughlin adds Alva’s armor […]


Exploring the Undead Settlement, we might come across a locked room, forcing us to drop through a hole in the ceiling to enter. Inside, we will find ourselves in a quaint little residence — at least what amounts to one in this shanty town. On the stove for us to eat sits a warm pot […]

Undead Matches

Beneath Priscilla’s old tower in Ariandel is a grave with a warrior’s sword, tended to by a gravekeeper. And from the Champion’s Bones acquired after the Gravetender is dead, this tombstone belongs to an Undead who began fighting as part of a competition of strength with other Undead. The gravekeeper was previously the champion’s page, […]


Preface A common sentiment is that the DLC is the best part of Dark Souls II, and I am inclined to agree. That might be a low bar compared to Dark Souls (DS1) and Dark Souls III, (DS3) but it shows what the developers at FromSoftware could do with the added time to polish the […]


Saulden struggles to call Majula, original name Madula, (マデューラ) a settlement in its current state, but there is no denying that these ruins once belonged to a thriving village on the western corner of Drangleic. According to the description for the House Key, Majula was around when every “abominable” thing imaginable was being dumped down […]


Despite how closely Velstadt shadowed King Vendrick, he wasn’t the only knight to stand so near. That honor was shared with Raime, the other of the king’s “Twin Arms” (双腕) as his greatshield calls them both in its description. Aside from the obvious reference to King Allant’s Twin Fangs in Demon’s Souls, this title reveals […]

Heirs of the Sun

For all intents and purposes, the Heirs of the Sun are just the Warriors of Sunlight rebranded. Aside from the similar name to the Warriors of the Sun, heirs receive the exact same medals for performing the exact same duties as their original Dark Souls (DS1) counterparts. These are then offered to an altar with […]


Every king needs his bodyguards, and Velstadt earned his name as the Royal Aegis. Like the title of “King’s Shield” (王の盾) might imply, the knight stood constantly by Vendrick’s side to protect him from any and all threats. This included when the king was out on campaign or expedition, as one of Elana’s conjured creations […]