In fulfilling his Holiness’ request, I have noticed that scribes grievously erred in translating the old tongue. History as we know it may not be as we once thought, my friend. I shall hence be forwarding you the documents to confirm my investigation.

–Lokey, Scholar of the Last Sin

Lokey is a Souls fan writing on Souls lore, highlighting errors in the games’ official localizations with in-depth analysis. He is a published author who nonetheless posts much of his content on here for free. You’d have to be a masochist to do all this reading, but you’re a Souls fan, so that’s a given.

To help you get started, consider first searching by key words or categories, some listed below:


  • Theses: long-form analyses for major topics, such as explorable countries, central characters, or key concepts. Include a preface with my personal reflection on them.
  • Supplements: short-form analyses for minor topics or subtopics in incomplete major topics. Can still be lengthy, but never as lengthy as theses.
  • Decodings: comparisons between the official localization and the original Japanese script, glossing over analysis in favor or highlighting translation errors and lost nuance.
  • Commentaries: miscellaneous posts for broader topics, such as my methodology for analysis, use of terminology, or thoughts on writing or game concepts.


I hope you enjoy finding what you didn’t know!

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