There are several reasons to believe that Leonhard, or Leonard, (レオナール) is from the Profaned Capital. His entire body, especially his face, was terribly burned at a young age, and the Profaned Capital is the only known nation where life-threatening fires have taken place. Leonhard has also been trained in both sorcery and swordplay. This […]

Profaned Flame

The Profaned Flame is a work of the Dark sparked by the royal court sorcerers of the Profaned Capital. As their tall black headwear and formal gold-embroidered robes indicate, they doubled as oracles, or “priests”, (神官) who acted as servants of the gods like other clergy. Some have taken the localization’s use of “oracle” as […]

The Third Beginning

The cinematic opens with a massive desert littered with half-buried ruins. The narration informs us that we are looking at Lothric, which the Japanese subtitles further clarify to be where the homelands of the Lords of Cinder “drift” to. Indeed, we can see pilgrims journeying at the foot of the castle city, and the surrounding […]