As a Spear of the Church of Filianore and the princess’ handmaid, Shira is obviously a knight of Anor Londo. Although not wearing their uniform, her formal wear nevertheless incorporates silver armor, much like Silver Knights — both even share a similarly old origin. Shira likewise wields a cross spear as well as the Lightning […]


This post covers everything relevant to Priscilla as far as the localization is concerned. It is based on a series of reddit posts from June 2018. Quotes include the official English script, my translation, and the official Japanese script in that order. Abomination in White A strange doll in strange dress. There once was an […]


Preface Irithyll is the lengthiest topic I have ever written an analysis for, which serves as a testament to its importance to the story and setting of Dark Souls III. (DS3) Expertly building upon the circumstances from Dark Souls (DS1) and Dark Souls II (DS2) to advance the overall narrative to its natural conclusion, the […]