Remnants of Manus

Despite his defeat during the events of the original Dark Souls, (DS1) Manus has persisted in one form or another. Even if the Chosen Undead vanquished the body and claimed its soul, much of that humanity had already been unleashed into the surrounding cavern. And while defeating the master halted the spread of the Abyss, […]


It is unclear if Melfia, original name Melvia, (メルヴィア) existed as its own country before the introduction of its Magic Academy, much like its thematic predecessor Vinheim. And like the Dragon School of Dark Souls, (DS1) this is largely because the magic school has completely consumed its cultural identity since its inception, which in this […]


This post covers everything relevant to Artorias as far as the localization is concerned. It is based on a series of reddit posts from February 2018. Quotes include the official English script, my translation, and the official Japanese script in that order. Off to See the Knight … Oh, and do not forget… The Darkwraiths […]