Xanthous Scholars

With Vinheim’s failure to recreate the lost sorceries of Oolacile, it was inevitable that some would take the task upon themselves. Those who do have become denoted by their garish attire — especially the mushroom-shaped wrap crowning their heads. These “xanthous scholars” are “yellow-clothed researchers” or “researchers in yellow”, (黄衣の探究者) and their ridiculous appearance serves […]


Lanafir, or Lal Canal, (ラル・カナル) is a country at the far southern end of the known world in Dark Souls II. That we learn so little about this far-off land can largely be attributed to its policy of isolationism. Unlike most nations, Lanafir has cut off any political and economic relations with foreign states, leaving […]


This post covers everything relevant to dragons as far as the localization is concerned. It is based on a series of reddit posts from April 2018. Quotes include the official English script, my translation, and the official Japanese script in that order. The Everlasting The original dragons are denoted as their own species of “old […]