Preface When I had originally written my analysis of Irithyll, Pontiff Sulyvahn made up for more than half of the topic. Despite the Boreal Valley’s long and fascinating history, one character has since dominated the entire culture. Tyrants are nothing new to fiction, and villainous popes are a dime a dozen in Japanese fantasy. But […]


Volgen is a nation west of the Drangleic continent, characterized as a hyper-competitive merchant town. While Chloanne’s English dialogue suggests that the country has several bustling cities, the Japanese script makes clear that the country is actually just the one big city that never sleeps in keeping with the vast majority of Dark Souls countries […]

The Gutter

Preface The Gutter is perhaps the most visually appealing iteration of FromSoftware’s infamous trash levels, largely because it is divorced from the traditional swamp aesthetic. Despite inheriting almost all of the themes and motifs from past levels of its ilk, omitting their most recognizable aspect helps alleviate the repetition. That said, a more creative aesthetic […]