Preface Let me say this upfront: Carthus is irrelevant to everything. Even though its history is definitely intriguing and its culture goes in unexpected directions, the country and its people have little to no bearing on the larger plot and setting of Dark Souls III. (DS3) Nothing in this analysis will make it an important […]


The kingdom of Jugo, originally Hugo, (ウーゴ) is a desert nation to the far east characterized as a country of “real men” (漢) with connotations of being physically strong and tough, brave and aggressive, straightforward and forthright, and honorable and reciprocal. All of these qualities encompass the idea of the fighting spirit, which may be […]


Mirrah is a nation shaped by its geography. Located to the far east of Drangleic, it is constantly beset by invasion from its neighbors — an existential threat that the country has to contend with every single day. Because of this, Mirrah’s military is its most valued asset, resulting in it becoming a country of […]

Ashen Mist Heart

The Ashen Mist Heart is literally a “core of ash fog” (灰の霧の核) which has taken that peculiar shape — in other words, a dense mass of fog not unlike the mist seen in the opening cinematic for the original Dark Souls. (DS1) It should come as no surprise then that it is an “art” conjured […]